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Vevo’s FAST Prowess Takes Center Stage at the 2023 IAB Newfronts

Following distribution, programming and product updates, “The Home of Music Television” presentation concluded with a performance by global superstar J Balvin

NEW YORK, NY – May 4, 2023 – Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, today revealed new partnerships, programming updates, and brand sponsorship opportunities to ad buyers at its 2023 IAB Newfronts presentation, “The Home of Music Television”, in Sony Hall, cementing its market position as the largest FAST network in the world.

During the show, Vevo showcased its ability to provide true national reach (just as traditional broadcast TV did years prior) through its portfolio of FAST channels and apps across 35 CTV platforms. With a channel for every fan, Vevo also emphasized its diverse content and programming, serving the many cultures and groups that make up today’s U.S population.

“Working directly with Vevo, media buyers can gain reach and intelligence into an unprecedented mix of diverse audiences. Due to Vevo's scale and ubiquitous presence in the streaming market, we can also offer buyers the flexibility and agility to quickly shift dollars fluidly across our global CTV footprint," added Kevin McGurn, president of sales and distribution, Vevo.

“With the increasing availability of premium content and the scale of distribution, FAST is the only growing sector of TV viewership now and for the foreseeable future,” said Rob Christensen, senior vice president, U.S. sales and global distribution, Vevo. “Content is king, and with quality content that is free to air and made for TV, Vevo has been an early mover in the FAST space. We are proud to be the leading FAST network in the U.S. and the world.”

Vevo’s Newfront presentation concluded with a special live performance by Colombian superstar, J Balvin.

More announcements from the presentation include:

CTV distribution and programming expansion

Vevo announced it is growing its CTV footprint through new partner Philo, with other distribution partner launches set for this year.

Additionally, Vevo announced it is expanding its FAST lineup exclusively on Samsung TV Plus in the coming months, with genre-specific and decades-based channels, Vevo Alt & Indie, Vevo Dance & Electronic, and Vevo 2010s. Vevo will also launch Vevo Features, a year-long celebrations-themed channel for cultural months and holidays, such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month, July 4th, and Halloween.

New monetization and brand sponsorship opportunities

Vevo unveiled Vevo Intelligence, a suite of data-driven tools that leverages audience and viewership behavior, contextual and creative insights, along with brand campaign performance, to create custom media opportunities. Building off of “Moods”, the first Vevo Intelligence capability can pair a brand’s ad creative with similar music video creative (matching audio, lyrics, visuals, etc.) for a seamless integration within Vevo’s CTV programming, as well as optimized viewing experience.

Vevo also shared a sneak peek of its branded content studio, which is currently in development. Branded content opportunities will include live performances to behind-the-scenes content, brand-driven VJs, artist interviews, and storytelling shows.


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