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Vevo Launches Exclusive ‘Out Loud’ LGBTQ+ Advertising Solution

Vevo is bundling premium music videos and catalogs from LGBTQ+ artists for brands to gain opportunities to target coveted audiences year-round

Arlo Parks - Too Good (Vevo Studio Performance)

NEW YORK, NY (October 11, 2022) – Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, today launched Out Loud, an exclusive advertising solution for brands to target audiences enjoying official music video content from LGBTQ+ artists. With this always-on, year-round offering, brands can align their messaging with LGBTQ+ music videos – from emerging acts to the biggest artists of today – and connect with the vibrant audience of viewers who seek out and watch LGBTQ+ content on Vevo.

Music videos have provided the LGBTQ+ community with increased visibility and representation (as well as social change) for decades, bringing their experiences and stories to life, which in turn resonate with their fans. According to the latest edition of the annual Vevo Media Tracker, 72% of LGBTQ+ consumers agree that music videos feel relatable and allow them to see themselves or their experiences on screen. Additionally, nearly two-thirds (65%) of LGBTQ+ survey respondents look to music videos when they want to find content that authentically represents all parts of their identity.

“The celebration and acknowledgement of this community does not stop at Pride Month. Our data shows that nearly half (47%) of LGBTQ+ Vevo viewers watch music videos daily, 365 days a year,” said Julie Duhen, director, media & distribution marketing, and Out Loud creator, Vevo. “This new, exclusive ad product blends Vevo’s editorial curation with the power of data science, and ultimately gives brands the ability to elevate and engage with the LGBTQ+ community by shining a light on the influence, success and importance of queer artists and fans all year long.”

The U.S. population is in a transformative state as sexual orientation and gender identity intersect with one’s racial and ethnic identity. A recent Household Pulse Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau reported at least 20 million adults in the U.S. identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender – nearly 8% of the total adult population, almost double prior estimates for the LGBTQ+ communilty’s size. Furthermore, 21% of Generation Z, the largest and most diverse generation in the U.S., identify as LGBTQ+.

“Cultural diversity goes beyond race, and there are similar opportunities for brands to connect with the growing LGBTQ+ community. We all know some of the household names who paved the way for LGBTQ+ visibility, such as Elton John and George Michael. Today, there’s no shortage of diverse artists following their lead – Sam Smith, Arlo Parks and Saucy Santana, to name just a few,” said Rob Vélez, vice president, multicultural sales, Vevo. “Out Loud gives brands the opportunity to surround themselves within impactful, culturally relevant content by these artists, making campaigns even more effective and memorable.”

A recent Vevo and Publicis Media study reveals that 69% of LGBTQ+ consumers are more likely to remember ads that appear before videos that are relevant to them. Moreover, 68% think more favorably of brands that advertise around content that they feel represents them and their identity.

Out Loud is the latest multicultural product from Vevo, following in the footsteps of Afro Pulse and API Amplified. It combines expert curation from Vevo’s editorial team with a machine learning-based planning tool that enables powerful ad targeting opportunities for the agile marketer. The planning tool is dynamic and gets smarter the more marketers use it, leveraging audience insights to better inform ad buying decisions as time goes on.

Available immediately, Out Loud can be leveraged all year long. Additional sponsorship opportunities, such as artist takeovers and program ownership, can also be purchased.

To learn more about Vevo’s ad offerings, please visit


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