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Vevo Partners with WebAds as Ad Sales Representatives in Europe

Deal offers buyers with new access to Vevo’s premium CTV ad inventory in several major European markets: The Netherlands, Spain, France and Germany

LONDON – July 7, 2022 – Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, today announced a partnership with WebAds, an independent sales house for European digital media. The deal grants WebAds the permission to conduct direct ad sales on behalf of Vevo in the Dutch, Spanish, French, and German markets.

Through WebAds, advertisers can easily buy Vevo ad inventory on Connected Television (CTV) and are guaranteed that their campaigns are running within premium music video content.

“The Vevo library offers advertisers an authentic and culturally relevant environment to engage with consumers, especially on CTV, which delivers a more cinematic viewing experience and is often shared with friends and family. We’re experiencing particularly high demand for our CTV ad inventory, as advertisers try to reach those consumers who are streaming their favourite video content on the biggest screen in the home,” said James Cornish, vice president, international sales, Vevo. “As we continue to expand our CTV distribution and ad operations globally, WebAds is providing us with the additional boots on the ground to more efficiently and directly serve prospective buyers in these key territories.”

“Vevo truly is a modern-day, global music television network, enjoyed by every kind of fan, on every kind of viewing environment,” added Rob Christensen, senior vice president, global sales and distribution, Vevo. “This partnership is a result of our international growth as a business and the universal appeal and power of our content worldwide, as CTV becomes the centrepoint of advertiser investment.”

“We are excited to work together with Vevo. The CTV market is growing rapidly and so is the demand for premium advertising opportunities in that area. To partner with the world's leading music video network in the offer of branded partnerships on CTV at scale is a solid piece for the WebAds' video portfolio. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and demand from agencies and advertisers to partner on this music video on CTV opportunity, resulting in a Media First moment. We have commitments from a wide range of advertisers who have reserved available inventory in Q3,” said Xavier Schijffelen, chief executive officer, WebAds.


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