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Vevo Reveals Custom Options for Both Viewers and Ad Buyers at Newfronts Presentation

Vevo demonstrated its continued commitment to providing more artist-driven content and experiences on television. NEW YORK (May 4, 2021) - During today’s IAB Newfronts session, Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, shared details of a more immersive and personalized music television experience, as the platform unveiled plans for the coming year. Vevo is building upon its more than ten years of daily expert programming experience with new options for watching its timeless library of more than 500,000 music videos, live performances and original content on television.

Seeding out premium music videos across its network of distribution partners, Vevo’s presentation gave the ad buying community a first look at how music fans will have the ability to tailor their TV programming experience according to mood, theme or genre. Through direct feedback of likes and skips, fans can become the curators and owners of their Vevo viewing experience.

Vevo will also foster discovery to the most relevant content to each viewer with highly curated playlists anchored around social and cultural events, as well as new search capabilities, recommendations, countdowns and guest VJs. High-quality artist-driven content will remain central to Vevo’s TV programming evolution.

For advertisers, Vevo offered a more bespoke, yet flexible and hassle-free approach to buying through its custom addressable TV product, Concierge, and contextual targeting product, Moods. These new products join an already robust suite of general audience, multi-cultural and local spot inventories to create unique packages that meet a range of campaign needs and objectives.

In the exclusive presentation on stage Kevin McGurn, Vevo’s President of Sales and Distribution was joined virtually by seven-time Grammy award winner recording artist Billie Ellish who spoke about her music video journey. The multi-award winner also debuted a very special Vevo Official Live Performance.

“Having an international superstar at our Newfronts presentation personified music video’s influence and cultural cachet for the ad buying community, while providing a powerful preview of our exclusive artist-centric TV programming to come,” said Kevin McGurn, president of sales and distribution, Vevo. “We are very excited about the future opportunities that our ad-supported, personalized TV experience will offer. We are also perfectly situated to deliver a first-class experience to clients, and create a unique approach to reach audiences at scale, on a global level with this premium inventory. As we work directly with the world’s biggest stars, Vevo is truly at the forefront of music fandom and pop culture, unlike any other content on television today.”

Reaching half of the United States population, Vevo provides advertisers broadcast-level access to hard-to-reach audiences, such as cord-cutters and cord-nevers, younger consumers and multicultural demographics, including half of Black Americans and half of Hispanic Americans.


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