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Vevo Launches App on Google TV and Other Android TV OS Devices

Vevo’s VOD app is now available to music video fans in 11 territories via Chromecast with Google TV, Google TV smart TVs, and other Android TV OS devices televisions

NEW YORK, NY (February 3, 2022) - Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, today announced it is bringing the Vevo app to Google TV™ and other Android TV™ OS devices.

Vevo’s TV app will be available on Android TV OS devices across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil, significantly boosting Vevo’s global TV footprint.

Given the popularity of Android TV OS in the smart TV market, this partnership greatly expands free, on-demand access to Vevo’s vast, sought-after catalog of premium music videos, including official releases, live performances, and original Vevo-produced content.

“Vevo’s mission is to maximize the commercial and promotional value of the music video, an art form that marries sight, sound, and motion and is a key pillar of entertainment. So, as consumer viewership trends of music videos continue to shift towards internet-enabled, connected TVs (CTV) in today’s world, we continue to expand our distribution to meet consumers in those environments they are actively frequenting,” said Kevin McGurn, president, sales & distribution, Vevo. “Google is a critical international distribution channel for Vevo, bringing a huge global audience to our content, as we lead the charge in returning music video programming to TV screens at scale.”

“Music videos are not only insanely popular, but they are powerful and highly-engaging content to advertise against due to the deep emotional connections that they forge with the viewer. They can feel deeply personal yet have mass appeal. Vevo’s app uniquely provides advertisers with the opportunity to appear alongside some of the most cherished and iconic music videos. With support for Android TV OS, brands can access even more inventory and more eyeballs, especially hard-to-reach consumers, such as cord-cutters, cord-nevers, and younger demographics, which do not watch traditional broadcast television,” explained McGurn.

Vevo recently updated its TV app to combine linear programming with search and discovery functions, with the interface reflecting a live TV experience. Videos auto-play upon entering the app, and the more viewers visit, the more personalized the auto-play content recommendations become over time. Vevo’s enhanced app is available on Google TV™ and other Android TV™ OS devices.


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