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Blog: Watch More Music: Stream On

Aerosmith - Dream On (Live At Capitol Center, Largo, MD / November 9, 1978)

Consumers live across platforms, across genres, and beyond multiple screens – and in order for marketers to drive their business forward they must break through the noise, ensuring every media dollar has to work harder and more accurately than ever before. At Vevo we are the perfect solve for this contemporary conundrum. 

In fact, we are a publisher with content that can naturally cross platforms,  geographical borders and retain the same impactful experience. We distribute as the consumer naturally wants to watch, allowing buyers to invest how they watch and not artificially restricted by fragmented buying platform access. 

We are unique publishers of this standard (broadcastable, editorial integrity, production values, caliber etc.) that also has content that can be presented in exactly the same way no matter how the viewer decides to access.

The CTV landscape has seen an influx of inventory coming from both new and legacy players. And while the landscape continues to transform, Vevo has remained a bridge at the center of it all – positioning itself in market as a premium network driving outcomes for brands, prioritizing viewer experience and enabling audiences to watch more music. 

But beyond the scaled reach and the advertising, is the programming of the content Vevo delivers. This is what resonates with both viewers and advertisers in a way that creates impactful connections and outcomes. And in today’s video-focused landscape, Vevo is ensuring viewers know they belong and brands find a powerful place to share their message with a highly engaged audience across our platform 52 weeks a year. And with artists like Billie Eilish or Beyonce, we have seen the power and potential of this concept – the 21 million viewers Beyoncé reached on Vevo the weekend of her Cowboy Carter album release, or Billie’s “LUNCH” being one of our most viewed premieres of 2024 so far. But it’s more than just our unmatched cadence of content and viewership numbers – it’s the impact of that content on discovery. It’s the aided discovery of library content, the brand affinity, and the connections that keep fans tuning in time and time again.  

The Vevo value

As streaming giants bundle their offerings to align with ever-changing consumer trends, the use of “premium” has become frayed – leveraged as a way to overlay the fact that what’s truly “premium” for them only goes so far. 

When we talk about “premium” at Vevo, we’re talking about more than just content. We’re talking about a new artist breaking cultural barriers and a nostalgic resurgence of an old time classic bringing childhood memories to the forefront of our minds – we’re connecting the sight, sound, motion AND emotion that unites brands and fans. And we’re sharing it with everyone, because it’s for everyone. 

In the five years since launching a FAST business, we’ve expanded our global CTV footprint at Vevo and curated portfolio of almost 20 channel brands across more than 35 distribution partners worldwide. And while this distribution has massively extended our programming footprint, our longstanding partnership with YouTube is a major differentiator for us. Youtube is the largest TV and cross platform provider in the world, ranked by Nielsen’s Media Distributor Gauge as the #2 company (behind Disney) in total TV time spent – and Vevo is among the largest premium networks that partner with it. 

And as the video, TV, and social worlds continue to converge, we’re able to leverage all forms of it – from short form, viral moments to hour-long programming blocks curated to immerse audiences in an experience tied to a particular decade, genre, or cultural event. There is indeed beauty in both – but only if you can support it with unique insights that show the value.

That’s what it all comes down to at the end of the day – the insights that measure effectiveness. But we must remember that without audiences none of this would be possible. 

In my next piece of our Watch More Music series, I’ll dive deeper into what those insights look like in practice – from brand lift, to attribution, to purchase intent – and how Vevo’s audience insights are driving outcomes and ROI. 


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